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Republica Francesa c/ Mariscal Estigarribia
Asuncion, Paraguay
Tele: 011 595 982 750 640    Tele: 011 595 982 374 020

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La tienda ... de tus regalos offers a wide variety of artwork and handicrafts, the ideal gift for any occasion. Every item on display is handcrafted, unique and of the highest quality. Selected from the best that Greater Asunción has to offer, the artists represented in our collection are dedicated to creating pieces that harmonize a perfect fusion of traditional methods and contemporary designs. We carry original items crafted in wood, canvas, paper, wrought iron and ceramic as well as innovative objects from the United States.

La tienda ... de tus regalos not only sells the items on display in the shop, but also serves as a representative for the artist. Any item we show is also a sample of the artists work. An order can be placed for a personalized item or for company gifts, party favors, etc

La tienda ... de tus regalos is conveniently located on a quiet urban street. With accessible parking and near boutiques, shoe stores and beauty salons. All your shopping and event preparations can easily be completed in a single trip. In addition, we offer other services for the ease, comfort and peace of mind of our customers. Gift items can be chosen from our catalogue and delivered to your office or home via our delivery service. This is especially convenient for those working in the many businesses, insurance companies, hospitals and legal offices in the surrounding neighborhood.

Step into La tienda ... de tus regalos serene and elegant showroom - an art gallery that makes you feel at home - where you will discover what you are looking for in comfort and at ease. We will help you will find just the gift you need.